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Aman Tokyo: the fragrance of the forest

Aman Tokyo: the fragrance of the forest

The olfactory system, through which we experience scent, is closely connected to the areas of the brain responsible for processing emotions and forming memories – hence the power of smell to influence our moods, remind us of past experiences and invoke feelings of nostalgia.

At Aman Tokyo, scent is integral to every stay. The Furo baths in the guest rooms and the spa are accompanied by buckets and stools made from Hinoki wood – Japanese cypress – a scent known to calm the mind and relax the body. In Japan, where 70% of the land is still covered with forest, Hinoki is the quintessential aroma of nature, so Aman Tokyo blends it into in its bespoke bath products to ensure that all guests are transported to the natural world even amid the metropolis.

Kuromoji, the spicebush, is another of the most celebrated fragrances in Japanese culture. In the days of the samurai, the peace of the tea room was sacrosanct; there were no superiors or enemies – all were equal. Known for its ability to soothe, kuromoji was used to create utensils for the sweets eaten during the ceremony, and cultivate an atmosphere of calm.

Today, it is used to create a tension-easing fragrant oil and features in the Aman Spa’s two-hour Kuromoji Tea Journey, which features a massage with this powerful oil and body wrap to release stress.

During our last stay, we had the opportunity to witness Aman Tokyo at its finest. The attention to detail was impeccable, and despite being situated in the heart of Tokyo's urban area, the serene connection with nature was truly exceptional.

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