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Affective Innovation Ideation
Multi-sensory Experiences
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Elevating Human Experience & Well-being

At Emotitech we carefully select, study and innovate products and services that help people create memorable and lasting experiences.

Emotion Design

Humanity and Nature: Central & Interconnected

Emotion design is a relatively new design approach that builds upon the principles of human-centred design and expands it to incorporate considerations for sustainable, environmental, and social implications. This approach connects the micro-level design, such as UX and product engineering, to global goals by expanding the stakeholders beyond just users and businesses. Instead, it includes a more diverse range of stakeholders such as non-users, local and global communities, ecosystems, and planetary boundaries. By incorporating these perspectives, emotion design enables a more holistic and inclusive approach to design that considers the broader impacts and consequences of design decisions.

Affective Technology

Expanding Human Perception with Sensors, AI, and Emotional Intelligence

At Emotitech, we use sensors and artificial intelligence to measure and interpret emotions. By collecting biometric data from various sources, including virtual reality headsets, depth cameras, and IoT sensors, we are able to analyze facial expressions, vocal intonation, body language, and more. We prioritize quality over quantity in our data collection process to ensure reliability. Our research in this rapidly-evolving sector of the so called "biofield" allows us to explore the electric and magnetic signals generated by the human body in order to understand and support emotions through scientific data.

Multi-sensory innovation

Unlocking the Potential of Emotion with Senses

Through a focus on EI and multi-sensory innovation, we can unlock the full potential of technology and create a world where humans and machines work together to achieve incredible things.

When innovation is combined with emotional intelligence (EI), it can lead to truly transformative results. By leveraging the power of EI, individuals and organizations can gain a deeper understanding of human emotions and use that insight to create innovative products and services that truly resonate with consumers. Emotional AI, in particular, allows businesses to empathize with and understand the unique needs of each customer, resulting in highly personalized recommendations and experiences.

Where others see brands and products, we experience mindful innovation.
Where others see brands and products, we experience mindful innovation.
Where others see brands and products, we experience mindful innovation.

Illustrating Emotions

Multi-sensory immersive experiences & large scale site-specific installations.

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