Emotion-intelligence brand identity check-up

Our company specializes in converting unstructured data into valuable, actionable information for organizations. By utilizing advanced AI Natural Language Processing research, our process extracts, categorizes, organizes and comprehends key information from a perspective of emotional intelligence. Our expertise in sentiment analysis, or opinion mining, further enables us to identify emotions expressed within textual big data through the application of artificial intelligence. With this unique approach, we provide organizations with emotionally relevant insights that have the power to drive business outcomes and improve the user experience.

Innovative Art Experience

We are experts in crafting captivating, location-based art installations utilizing the cutting-edge technology of augmented reality (AR). Our artistic expressions come in the form of murals, sculptures, LED walls, and other innovative interventions that not only engage but also elevate the viewer's experience. Our goal is to seamlessly blend multi-sensory media and AR to deliver a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable art experience.

Limited Edition NFT Experiential Art

We harness the power of blockchain technology to craft limited-edition experiential art pieces in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This innovative approach enables us to create distinctive, digital collectibles that can be proudly owned and exchanged by art collectors and enthusiasts alike. We associate NFTs to limited edition of products to extend their value.

Emotionally Intelligent Design Solutions

Our company leverages artificial intelligence to improve existing design products and create new and imaginative designs. Our unique integration of technology and creativity enables designers to realize their creative vision and pushes the boundaries of traditional design methods. Our research is based on the concept of emotional intelligence, ensuring that our designs not only look great but also evoke emotions and connections with the end-user.

Geo-AR innovating urban communication

We are innovating urban communication through the use of next-generation, geolocation-based augmented reality (AR) applications. These cutting-edge tools allow us to interact with and enhance the physical environment in new and exciting ways.