Emotional Artificial Intelligence

Emotional Artificial Intelligence

Emotional Artificial Intelligence is a blend of emotional and artificial intelligence. Also known as Affective computing or emotion AI, artificial emotional intelligence stands for the study and development of technologies and computers that can read human emotions by the means of analyzing body gestures, facial expressions, voice tone, etc. and react appropriately to them. The ability to identify and analyze the human emotional state and then respond to it makes it possible the more human-like interaction between a machine and people.

Which is the difference between AI & EI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the capability to gather, analyze and interpret data, Emotional Intelligence (EI) has capability to perceive, understand and manage emotions.
Emotion AI enables business executives to empathize and understand the needs of each individual consumer, allowing organizations to recommend relevant communications, products and services at the right moment. This results in increased customer engagement, fostering long-term brand loyalty and aiding in customer retention, while also attracting new customers through exceptional customer experiences.

Is AI emotionally intelligent?

So, can computers have emotional intelligence? Emotional artificial intelligence proves that yes, they can. Thanks to the complex algorithms, machines are now able to identify, process and respond to human emotions. By reading micro-expressions, they can tell whether a person is sad or happy, angry or excited.

Why not an only human approach?

We think that using affective technologies in combination with human-centered design enables us to create a more creative and inclusive world where every individual can experience new dimensions of creativity and experience. Therefore, by using technology to connect the dots between the creativity tools & platforms, emotion recognition products, and artificial intelligence it is possible to unleash human creativity and emotional intelligence.