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Dramatic AI-Powered BMW i4 Variants

Dramatic AI-Powered BMW i4 Variants

Emotitech pushes boundaries of AI design to enhance emotional impact for product enthusiasts. Bozen, South Tyrol - Emotitech, a leading provider of AI-based design technology built over emotional intelligence data, announced today that it is experimenting at the edge of prompt generative AI design to enhance the emotional impact over specific product enthusiasts.

The company has generated some dramatic implementations of the BMW i4 (model code G26), a battery electric compact executive car produced by BMW since 2021.

Emotitech BMW i4 AI implemented variations

"At Emotitech, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in emotional driven AI-based design," said CEO of Emotitech, Lodovico Minelli. "Our goal is to create a truly emotional connection with customers and enhance the user experience for specific product enthusiasts. We believe that the use of AI in the design process is a key step towards achieving this."

Emotitech BMW i4 emotional AI variations

The company's use of AI in the design process allows for an unprecedented level of customization, enabling Emotitech to create unique versions of the BMW i4 based on the emotional response of specific product enthusiasts. The car adopts a five-door liftback body style and is marketed as a four-door coupé. The initial concept version, named BMW i Vision Dynamics, debuted at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show and has since been highly anticipated by car enthusiasts worldwide. "The BMW i4 is the perfect testbed for our technology," said Mitja Bombardieri, CTO of Emotitech. "We are excited to see the impact of our design on the emotional connection customers have with this iconic car."

Emotitech BMW i4 variation with emotional data

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