At Emotitech, we believe in delivering affective identities that captivate your audience and drive your business forward. Our expert team combines cutting-edge technology with a human touch to craft identities that truly reflect your brand's essence and connect with your customers on a deep, emotional level.



Emotitech is a deep tech company focused on enhancing the perception of products, organizations, and places through the use of emotion artificial intelligence and affective computing. Our approach, known as life-centered design, prioritizes the needs and well-being of those interacting with our technology. By designing affective technology that is mindful of its users, we aim to create meaningful and enriching experiences.


At Emotitech, we believe that intelligence without emotion is incomplete. By incorporating affective information and utilizing life-centered design, we create technology that is meaningful and relevant to individuals. Our vision is to design technology that promotes affective well-being and enhances the user experience.


We recognize the importance of emotional intelligence in driving consumer choices and decisions. Our mission is to use technology to better understand and support natural human emotions, with the goal of improving affective well-being for users of our products, services, and spaces. We strive to create innovative solutions that enhance the emotional identity of brands and organizations in our modern society.


Unstructured or scarce data can be a significant challenge for organizations. At Emotitech, we turn this data into actionable information that generates affective relevance for users and enhances their perceived emotional identity. Our process, which utilizes emotional artificial intelligence and natural language processing techniques such as sentiment analysis, extracts, categorizes, organizes, and understands important information from an emotional intelligence perspective. By starting with AI-generated, emotion-based operational guidelines, we create immersive AR/VR installations and experiences that empower our clients' emotional identities.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the capability to gather, analyze and interpret data, Emotional Intelligence (EI) has capability to perceive, understand and manage emotions.
Emotional AI enables business executives to empathize and understand the needs of each individual consumer, allowing organizations to recommend relevant communications, products and services at the right moment. This results in increased customer engagement, fostering long-term brand loyalty and aiding in customer retention, while also attracting new customers through exceptional customer experiences.


At Emotitech, we use sensors and artificial intelligence to measure and interpret emotions. By collecting biometric data from various sources, including virtual reality headsets, depth cameras, and IoT sensors, we are able to analyze facial expressions, vocal intonation, body language, and more. We prioritize quality over quantity in our data collection process to ensure reliability. Our research in this rapidly-evolving sector of the so called "biofield" allows us to explore the electric and magnetic signals generated by the human body in order to understand and support emotions through scientific data.